The Four Corners of a Room

The four corners of a room

Is not at all what they seem to be.

They seem to be just corners of nothing

But in reality, they are the corners of us.


Corner one is gray and dusty.

Cobwebs on the ceiling,

Shreds of paper floating.

This is the corner where memories are left to be.


Corner two is white and clean.

Not a speck of dust can be felt.

But look closer and tell me what you feel.

The ache your heart gets from pretending.


Corner three will forever bask in the smell of blood.

The harsh cold air will slice your skin.

Under your bare feet, the shards of mirrors.

This is for those who have wandered down the darkest of paths.


And last would be Corner four.

The simplest yet most complicated.

Corner four is a mirror.

And in that mirror you see what you truly feel.


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