Unknown Visit

All my life, you’ve been there for me. Whenever I cry…you were there to listen. Whenever I’m happy, you were there to be happy with me. Sure we had some rough times but we got over them.

Do you remember when we first met? We were in First year High school. I was on my way out of my classroom when we bumped into each other. I accidentally dropped my math and science book. You muttered an apology and helped me pick up my two books. You handed me my math book and smiled at me. I smiled back. I introduced myself and you introduced yourself saying your name was Leo.

Just because of two books that fell to the floor, we became friends.

I remember those days when we used to laugh so hard we start to cry. No one got our jokes, which was fine with the both of us. It was like our own little secret.

I also remember those days when we fought. The one that stood out the most was because of a stupid rumor. That one fight nearly broke our friendship, and I’m sorry for even believing in that rumor. I’m sorry.

Remember the day we graduated from High School? While everyone was crying we were the only people rejoicing because there was no more High school? Everyone looked at us like we were crazy. But they didn’t know, they didn’t know we were going to be block mates.

But I never knew. I never knew there was a racing car behind me when I slowed down my car on the drive way to make a left turn. I didn’t hear it honking at me to move. I didn’t see its headlights flashing…until it was all too late.

It’s funny you know, how I am here and all you are doing is eating Ice cream to drown your sorrows. While I’m here talking to you, you are just there, watching television to distract you from the pain.

It’s funny how I died on my way to a friend’s house.

It’s funny how I died on the day of your Birthday.


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