I hate being defined by anything that has been written done in history.

Just because my Family name is known in the world of Classical Music does not give my family the right to force me into playing an instrument I do not want to play.

Just because my name means “Blind” does not mean I’ll figuratively be blind to everything around me (So what if I’m oblivious when it comes to love?)

Just because when I was a kid I was like this does not mean I have to grow up like that.

Just because my friends are like this I am like them.


I am going to be defined by who I am.

Who I am at this particular moment.

Because let’s face it, we all change, whether physical or mental or emotional

We change.

And who is going to define me.

Well…Its not going to be my past.

Nor my family name

Nor my own name.

But I’m going to define myself.

I’ll make my own name.


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