The teacher is in front

continually speaking for our sakes.

Yet here are his students

staring…but not exactly seeing.


Not exactly comprehending

the random scribbles on the board

For they are jumping over dimensions

and swimming across galaxies.




(Yeah. Wasn’t exactly listening during physics class.)



I’m on the verge of losing it.

I can feel my fingers losing their grip.

I can feel…nothing under my feet. Just air.

I..I…I’m gonna fall.


And it is not the fall of love. No.

I’ve done that already.

This is different.

It is the fall to insanity.


Don’t ask me how I know.

I just do.

I’m losing my grip, I’m losing my mind,

Memories that are not mine are in my mind.
It does not make sense.

I’m screaming…but no one can hear me.

My lungs are aching.

My eyes are burning.


I’m losing my hold on sanity.

Awkward Situations

How very strange…

How can a moment, a minute, even a second

Stay in your mind

And wander around in circles all day

All night.


How can a simple eye contact

an accidental brush of the hand

A shared laugh

Stay with you until another one comes along?


All of these may have just been during a single intake of breath.

A flutter of a moment.

But there is no way of denying

These heart rising occasions.

…And of course, Awkward Situations.


Complicated Occasions

Love is such a complicated emotion to understand.

We sometimes confuse the emotion with Hate.

Sometimes we confuse it with Friendship.

In most occasions, we confuse it with nothing more but a feeling that would past.


In very rare occasions, one falls in love for two people.

These people question why,

Blame themselves for disloyalty.

Eat themselves up with shame.


In too often occasions, one falls in love with their closest friend.

People in this situation tend to back away.

They lock their feelings up,

but in time…they will explode.

For those who keep their feelings to themselves,

They are in Hell.

They are worn down to the bone.

And they are as confused and as frightened as a lost child in a burning house.


As I said, Love is a complicated emotion.

…And a deadly one.

It whispers lies that seem like truths.

It persuades you to do anything…and everything   …All in the name of Love