Broken Trust

Trust is such a fragile thing. It is rare. When I tell you things that reside deep in me. It means I trust you. And as I said, trust is a fragile and rare thing.

I admit I trust people easily. But that does not give you the right to twist my trust around until it breaks into a million tiny pieces. Thanks to you, now I’m more broken than before.


You were one of my best friends. What happened. I thought you cared for me. Loved me even. But apparently not. You just had to blurt it out. I don’t care if it was indirectly told to the person involved. You still said it to her. You even said the wrong thing!

What is worse is that I am not mad. No. Don’t confuse this rant as an act of anger. I’m not mad. I’m…hurt. Broken. I can’t be mad at you. And thats frustrating, I want to be. Because it is better than the pain of brokeness that I’m feeling. But no. I can’t get mad at friends because they — YOU — are my family. And…I just can’t.

And now I know you don’t know. And for some reason I’d like to keep it that way. That you don’t know that I know. From now on, you’ll just know me as the friend who just…kept her distance for some unknown reason.


I love you my friend. I always will. But from now on. I don’t trust you.


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