Its night time. And he was lying on his bed, begging for sleep to come. But it never did. So naturally, he was left lying on his bed, alone with his thoughts.

No one should be alone with their thoughts. Especially not people like him. For it is proven to be dangerous. A lot of things can be running in a person’s mind, and when if that specific thought is caught and contemplated upon, well…things happen that will never been undone.

So there he is, opening up that specific thought. Searching through it, around it. He made his contemplation thorough. He did not leave any sub thought unturned.

Well…of course realization strikes him.

Tears started falling silently as his realization expanded. He didn’t even try wiping them away. He let them fall. For he felt defeated and tired and devastated.

He realized…that he was slowly, but surely, starting to lose his will.

Its crumbling. It toppling over. All the walls, all that…defense around him. And he starts shaking,

Now he understands why sharp object and loud shots of something exploding appeal to him. Draw him in.


He is losing his will to live, and frankly, he’s letting himself lose it.


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