Supposed Anniversary – 1

February 2, 2013. That was a year ago. I remember what happened that day so vividly, it’s scary. We were talking, it was early morning and we were still talking. I didn’t mind. You didn’t mind. I was sleepy but, I just wanted to talk to you. So..sleep was momentarily, unimportant,

I asked you if you could be mine.

You said yes.

And I was infinitely happy.


…but that was a year ago. A lot could change in 12 months. And a lot did.


February 2, 2014. Today.

I’m alone today, no surprise there. The whole day I was spent with me

Sulking about how I much I fucked up.

You. I hurt you. 

After I promised not to.

And you know what honey? I did it in a long run.

and I am so sorry.

I understand if you don’t want to see me,

I understand that just fine,

But know I will love you always,

My moonshine.

February 2, 2014.

Happy supposed Anniversary Darling



Anger needs no Audience

You know what? I get it you are still mad at me for whatever reason you have

(because honestly we didn’t even talk the whole day but a simple hi in the morning and all of a sudden you are mad at me)

but please. Don’t take your pissed off attitude into a groupwork. Because honey, we won’t be able to do our group work well.

So please, set the personal problems aside and lets work on passing a good output. After all, your anger does not need an audience.