Questions – They are many but here are (3)

What am I to you?

A friend.

A shoulder to cry on

A pair of arms to allow to wrap around me.

A chest to lean into.

A broken toy that needs repair.

A broken mirror to be thrown away.

Am I easily thrown away?

Yes, at a shrug of my shoulder you are gone.

No, don’t leave.

Yes, I won’t even give you a second thought.

No, I’m not heartless.

Maybe, I’m not sure what you mean to me just yet.

Yes,  You are just this person who means nothing to me anyway.

No, I…just…No. Never ask me that again.

Will you leave me?

Yes. I want to.

No. But I have to.

Yes, I’m tired of you.

No, why would I?

Yes, Its very easy to so why not?

No, I can’t imagine any reason to.

Maybe. I’m not yet sure. Perhaps.


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