…even if

Smile…even if you are breaking inside.

Shift your eyes into happy ones…even if it feels like you are about to cry.

Stand up straight with your chin held high…even if all you want to do is curl up into a ball and be empty.

Walk the halls  towards your destination with pride…even if you jus want to cower in a corner.

Sometimes…we have to wear a mask.

No, not just for show.

But for the people we love

Who are breaking inside.

We have to be those open arms they will run to.

We have to be that shoulder they will cry on.

We have to be their boulder; their shore.

…Even if we ourselves have nothing to hold on to.


One thought on “…even if

  1. Yes, this is so very real. Every line. I can understand the why’s and how’s quite perfectly. Incidentally, The first line reminds me of a song by Nat King Cole called Smile. (YouTube it;)

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