Watching Conversations

When I’m in a conversation — well “conversation” — with other people, and I’m just quietly there in a corner watching you two, or three, perhaps even four,  talk. If I do that, please don’t think of all those stalker-ish or creeper-ish thoughts. I am neither a stalker (to you) nor a creeper (to you). I just…like…watching you guys talk.

Okay, that came out creeper-ish.

What I’m trying to say is that, I like how your minds work in a conversation. I like how you are able to express your ideas –perhaps not completely — but differently. I like how each sentence that comes from your mouths open up new ideas, new questions, even new statements about the topic.

I like how you guys banter on and on and on. You banter back and forth about your different opinions on this specific topic. I like how you guys just ramble about what you agree on as well.

I like watching your conversations.

(So please if I look like I’m just watching you guys talk with this ridiculous small fond smile on my face…PLEASE, don’t ask me to join the banter or the rambles. I’m just going to ruin the momentum for you.)

So please…Let me be. Let me watch conversations like those all day long.

I don’t mind at all.


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