(Person 1. Person 2. Both.)


Make sure to stay up until midnight.

Go to sleep before midnight strikes.

Midnight is the time of human creativity.

The work hour of our imagination.

The muse of thinking.

Midnight —

Is the time of monsters.

The work hour of demons come out to play.

The muse of the devil.

Midnight is



It leaves you at the mercy of the thoughts that make you think of joining the darkness.

It makes you think of creating the kind of art that has the color scheme of red.

Different shades of it; 

rose red, dark red, live red, …blood red.

It digs through your mind,

opens up the memories that you have kept inside a cabinet in the dark corners of your mind.

Midnight finds these memories and feeds them to you once more.

Making you relive each heart stabbing moment of it.

It leaves you at the hands of the gods of creativity and imagination.

It allows your mind to wonder through the corridors of inspiration,

to find you your muse to create an

artwork. A masterpiece. A piece of you on paper.

It guides you through the maze of curiosity,

where every turn a question that has to be answered

(Why can’t we use the full capacity of our brains?

How come we live in a world still full of close minded people?

What provokes people to do things? Is it really just love, loyalty and duty?

Or are there other things?

Why are there so many questions left unanswered?)

Midnight is a monster.

It is a monster disguised as a beautiful lady. Whose light shines brightly over the world.

Whose silence is mistaken with peace. When really the silence is waiting. Waiting on its prey.

Midnight is a beautiful lady.

She is a lady of grace and peace. Often mistaken as a monster for it’s darkness.

Her silence is what a creative mind would need to explore a world of endless muses.



Be awake.

Go to sleep.




(For my little tree friend. Who asked for something.)


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