Look! I have found place number 1 for you in our adventure dear. I hope, if ever we get to our adventure someday, you’ll love the destinations.

Destination number 1 In our Adventure

Destination number 1 In our Adventure


Planning an Adventure

They are called Perfection

Person 1. Person 2. Both.

Perfection can be






Any place,

Any time.


Any girl,

Any boy.

Any memory,

Any sight.


Any parent,

Any friend.


Perfection is


A sun setting behind the ocean,

A midnight walk in a park.

The feeling of rain on your skin as you dance under it


Perfection is someone who walks by you everyday

Someone who pushes you on the swings

when you get to lazy to push yourself.

Someone who says “Tall Caramel Macchiato”

when you ask for her order,

They say it with that smile one their face as if…


It is the icing on your cheek after a

cake fight with your friend.

It is the memory of the pair of arms

wrapped around you

and a voice whispering to your ear

“I am never letting you go” and

all you feel from then on is…


Perfection takes the words out of you

And leaves you to this amazing silence.

A silence that leaves you hanging,

That leaves you to marvel at the thought that you are

At loss for words


Perfection is a hot cup of

Black coffee


With a little bit of sugar


Perfection is a piece of poetry

At first glance;

Analyzed but not fully understood.


Perfection can be the person behind

The poem


With their big glass eyes

And small conserved smile.

Their hands…

You wonder how Perfection

Wrote something so…













Ha! I’m at loss for words.

Note that perhaps Perfection for one person

Can be a stranger to another.

Like how my friend used to say

That my mom was perfect

But to my eyes?

She’s a stranger.


Or how my dad says his new

Adopted daughter is perfect

But all I see is my replacement.


Perfection can come to your life

In different shapes and sizes,

Names and colors.

But remember,

Perfection is not a cold stone wall.


Perfection can be











Cry tears of never ending pain


Thrown away,

Taken for granted.




Perfection does not deserve that.


YOU don’t deserve that.


I’m not Perfection.


Perfection will deny they are such.

They will fight you,

Hate you,

Cry to you,

Push you away.


Don’t let them slip through your fingers.

For Perfection is more rare than