Do Not Expect

To all parents:

Do not expect kids to not touch things when you tell them not to.

To all kids:

Do not expect parents to not be annoying.

To all students:

Do not expect that all the teachers you pass by down the hallways will say hi back,

They are too busy mopping about the latest test results.

To all teachers:

Do not expect your students to listen all the time;

Students are restless people.

To all older siblings:

Do not expect your younger brothers and sisters to listen to you;

They hate the idea that their age makes them the subordinate in the family.

To all younger siblings:

Do not expect your older brothers and sisters to not fight you over a stupid thing.

They are frustrated that you get all the attention.

To all the people who are lucky to be in a relationship:

Do not expect your partners to not get jealous.

We are all scared of other people taking away something that are ours.

To all the people who broke someone’s heart:

Do not expect for it to be easy.

Once you break someone’s heart, you will have to live with that constant reminder that you are the reason for someone’s pain.

To all the people who’s hearts got broken:

Do not expect it to be easy.

Once your heart gets broken you will have to continue living with a big ugly scar on your beating organ. And it will hurt, because your memories will rip that scar open just so you can bleed over and over again.

To all the people who have moved on:


But do not expect that the memories won’t flash in your mind once in a while. They will. And you will feel a flash of pain; quick as a needle prick.

But you will still feel the lingering pain after a while; like a ghost hovering over you waiting for you to fall.

To all the people:

Do not expect.


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