I’m the type of person who needs things to be repeated to them over and over again

You say things once to me? It won’t sink in, I tell you.

It won’t sink it.

What will happen is that i’ll ponder it over a while, then throw it out of my head.

Same goes if you only tell me twice

or thrice

It has to be a million times over.

Hey, i love you.

I don’t believe you.

I love you.

Um, no you don’t

I love you so so much


But I love you, I really do

Shut. Up

It really takes time for her to see that I am telling the truth.

A  million times over she says?

I say a  billion.

But I don’t complain

Well you should.


I don’t.

And i never could.

Because all the times I repeat something, I know the result will be worth more than gold.

You must understand.



Didn’t want to be like this.

But I am.

But she is.

And that’s not okay.

And that’s fine.

I’ll reassure her everyday.


Everyday. Starting now.

I love you.


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