A Letter To You Once More

Hello again. Yes, I’m writing to you.


I’m writing the things I can’t tell you even though I promised I’ll tell you everything.

I’m sorry I just can’t.

Because when I try to tell you I..I…

I’m just a coward okay?

I ear if i tell you how hurt I am right now you’ll leave because you’ll think its for the better.

I’m so scared and I don’t know who to turn to.

I’m so scared my love. So scared that if I show you my demons you’ll turn your back to me thinking that its your fault.

When its not.

Its mine.

I created my demons. I created them to follow me around and surround me everywhere I go.

I created them.

And I don’t have any control of them,

I’m sorry. This letter has no sense. I didn’t make it to be.

Just know that I love you.


Just know I’m trying.


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