I’ve Attempted

….And failed.

I know its not for the better that I failed.

But damn did I want to cry when I woke up today

because I realised that my last words to you were not “I love you”


“Sleep with me”

In my demanding voice


Entry #12

Had too much to drink last night.

Secrets got out

Now I’ve taken a little too many doses

I wonder how long I’ll last.

A Letter To You (Again)

…This is the first time I lied to you.

And it feels so wrong.

But right now I’m just really scared.

I went over the line.

You’ll leave me any day now.

Just you wait and see.

And I know you’ll see this. And won’t bother putting a password on this

So here it is. I lied to you. My parents didn’t call me. I left because I got an attack.

I’m so scared you’ll leave me that I lied to you and hid from you. 

Thats all.

Again this letter has no sense.

But neither does my mind.

Entry #8

Dear Night,

You have set me on adventures I’ve never wanted to set on.

You have made me realise all the bad things, surprisingly never the good things.

What have I done to you to make you envelop me in blanket of despair and hopelessness?

Please stop.

I’m tired of crying.

I’m tired of being scared.

I’m just really tired.


A kid close to giving up