“Your loser”

Honestly when you said those words I laughed because


They were corny as hell.

And Two,

I was shocked.

You gave me keys to a locked door that I thought you would never even think of handing the keys to me.You gave me a bandaid to stop the flow of uncertainness and confusion.

You gave me a chance.

And that is something people rarely give.

And I am honestly honored that you have chosen me


Of all the fucking people


I know you are a mess right now

and so am I.

And I’m not planning to fix you, because no one knows how to fix someone and no one should plan to fix someone because it is not their choice to make.

But anyway.

Both of us, we’re messes of two different but similar kinds.

Two different reasons, similar effects.

Maybe we can help each other, maybe we’ll make each other worse.

But honestly, I’d regret too if we didn’t at least try.

So there.

But I just want you to be sure of course.

So here’s a week.

Be sure.

I never


want you to regret.


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