3 Things You Should Know Before You Love Me


I’m unstable.

I’m a table balancing its weight on just 3 legs.

I have no clue how to balance without holding onto someone’s hand.

I need their hand, their arm, their shoulder.

I basically need them.

Without someone I will stumble.

I need help.



I’m a mess.

And not of the good kind.

I am a scattered, broken deck of cards.

Each one has either a tear or a fold.

All are scattered in the river of chaos.

I am chaos without any organisation.

If you try to put me in order,

If you try to fix me,

Let me tell you now:

Its a lost cause.

Because I have made a home in the messiness of my being.

I now belong to the ragged, messy drawing of a toddler.


I won’t believe you.

No matter how many times you’ll say it

There will always be this big part of me who won’t believe you.

Can you imagine? The person you love can’t believe you love them?

It’s painful.

And I’m going to do that to you if you love me.

I won’t believe you.


Do you still want to love me?


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