Close to Midnight Thoughts

These are my thoughts when it is close to midnight

  1. You say we’re drifting. I agree, we are. And I’ll be damned, I’ll do everything in my power to make it stop. I will cling to you. Like how some animals cling to the trunks of trees.
  2. I really want coffee right now
  3. I also want you by my side right now. I want to hold your hand, lean on your shoulder, kiss your forehead, then your cheek then your lips.
  4. Oh god your lips.
  5. I have a lot of homework. Maybe I should start them tomorrow.
  6. I should go to sleep now. I am sleep deprived so I really have to sleep
  7. Your hands tracing up and down my spine.
  8. Your lips on my neck
  9. Oh god I’m in it neck deep
  10. I don’t want to lose you. Please stay with me
  11. Your smile. That’s why I look through your pictures, because I see you smiling in them and they make me happy
  12. I love your smile, it makes my heart race
  13. So does your laugh; that makes my heart race too.
  14. I love you; I love you so much.
  15. God damn it why cant I write songs as easily as others can?! I want to write a song for you now
  16. I miss you.
  17. I wonder what people’s reactions would be when I die this early? Would they care?
  18. I sometimes think dying is easier. Than this right now. Its hard to live with them.
  19. I really, really need a smoke right now
  20. No, you have to quit smoking. You have to stop
  21. I really do love you.
  22. I wonder what would sushi and bacon taste like together? I bet it would taste great.
  23. “Dying ain’t so bad. Not if we both go together”
  24. I can’t wait till I see you again
  25. I’m scared.

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