Entry #22

Tonight I feel sad.

I don’t think its because of the movies I watched (though they may have contributed)

Neither do I think its because my mom shouted insults and called me names again.

But I think its because I was never happy in the first place.

I just have lots of distractions.

Thats it.


They’re my saviour.

But once they’re gone

And I’m alone with my thoughts

The darkness creeps in and fogs up my vision.

I’m blind; I can’t see.

And all I can do is cry I guess.

Just to cry.

If you see this I’m sorry. I know we are talking right now and I do hope I’m doing a good job hiding what I really feel. I hope you don’t see my tears behind my text messages. And if you see this please don’t mention it.

(I’m still going to be the strong one for the both of us. I promise.)


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