The Fire is Where You Are

I have never felt this before.

My mind has been flooding with you

Everything of you

Your hands

Your eyes

Your arms

Your legs

Your neck

Your lips.

Oh god your lips.

I lie down in bed thinking of how my fingers will run so easily through your short messy hair.

How your breath will mingle with mine.

How our legs will intertwine with each other.

Your lips on my neck.

Your fingers tracing my spine.

My fingers your waist.

My mind has been swimming with thoughts of you.

I hear my heart beating so fast when i think of you

When I talk to you

When I see you.

You are the fire that burns in my heart.

It will burn me up

It will consume me.

You will consume me.

And I don’t give a damn.

Because I want you to consume me.

The fire is where you are my darling.

You are my Fire.

And for once, I am not afraid of fire.


Entry #23

I’m thinking about about calling the suicide hotline now….

I don’t know why. My mind is getting worse I guess.

Im scared to talk though. I don’t know why I’m scared.

I don’t want it to become real I guess.