The Golden-Eyed Monster


Keep calm

I tell myself

Don’t tell her.

She doesn’t have to know.

I scream in my head.

She doesn’t have to know that a monster is rising at the pit of my stomach.

A monster with gold eyes and a muscular frame

A monster that for months I’ve been trying to keep caged at the dark pit of my heart.


It started when you talked about his hips and how you admire them so.

It’s petty I know.

But since when did jealousy not have a petty reason to rise out of its ashes?

It rises up out of nowhere.



And rawring


It started when you talked about his graceful hips.

The monster stared breaking the bars.


The next thing that happened was when she kissed your forehead.

“A kiss on the forehead means protection” they say.

I’m the only one who has the fucking right to protect you.

…I’m the only who should.

I hugged you tight then, in front of her, so she would know you were mine to protect and love.

I sound possessive I know.

And I don’t own you.

But you are the closest thing to love that my heart opened its doors to.

The next thing that happened was when she kissed your forehead.

The bars started deteriorating due to the monster’s breath.


The final straw was when he started tickling you.

I’m not stupid.

Tickling is a form of flirting (that’s why I tickle you sometimes)

You don’t notice though.

He’s flirting with you.

I asked if you wanted me to talk to him

Because I know you don’t like being tickled (You just tolerate mine)

You told me to calm down

That I sounded mad

…I am.

Because when he started tickling you the monster exploded out of its cage.


Don’t tell her.

Don’t show the monster.

I want her to know she can tell me anything.

I don’t want her to create a wall because I introduced her to one of my monsters.

I don’t want any walls from her.


I may be overreacting.

But jealousy is overreacting.

It is overthinking

It is unreasonable.


I know this first hand.

The first time I showed someone my golden-eyed monster she stayed away from me.


So instead I will let the monster eat my heart

And let it make me create oceans at night




if you see this and you want to talk about it then okay. I don’t know how to start the subject. ‘Im sorry if you see this too. Terribly sorry.


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